6 Interview Don’ts

When anticipating an interview, you always want to look and sound your best. Interview preparation can become overwhelming as you focus on answering questions to the best of your ability to nail that job. Sometimes, little behaviors can go unnoticed by you, but your potential employer and their team are taking notes. Here are six things you want to refrain from doing during your next interview.

Don't arrive too early (4)

Believe it or not, along with your knowledge of the job, you are also critiqued on your appearance. Always try to look as professional as you can during an interview, even if it’s not for a business setting. A button up shirt and slacks or a simple dress can often do the trick.

Don't arrive too early (2)

You are a professional, make sure you demonstrate to your prospective employer that you mean business. Be sure you arrive prepared. This includes multiple copies of your resume or CV, questions, a pen, a notepad, and a smile.

Don't arrive too early

Depending on your personality, punctually might be a constant battle. Are you perpetually late or are you a “15 minutes early is on time” kind of person? When it comes to interviews, arriving too early can be seen as being overzealous, it can also cause an inconvenience for your interviewer. It is best practice to arrive 15-20 minutes before your interview.

Don't arrive too early (1)

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue. You never want to exhibit a lack of patience during the interview process, that includes looking visibly annoyed when your interviewer is running late. The executive assistant, security guard, or current employee may be around and watching you. It is okay to acknowledge that you felt inconvenienced, but wait until you leave the building and are around the corner.

Don't arrive too early (3)

During the interview, your phone should be kept on silent and out of sight. If you are experiencing an emergency or you are expecting an important call, inform your interview before the official conversation starts. If not, refrain from texting, e-mailing, or live-tweeting.

Don't arrive too early (5)

Lastly, do not become too nervous or anxious. You have gotten your foot through the door, that means your prospective employee sees your talent and wants to know more. Don’t sweat it, you totally got this!

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