4 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Whether we like it or not, employers judge us by our resumes. A well-written resume can open doors for you or a relaxed employer can see we are more than a piece of paper. For the foreseeable future, that piece of paper will continue to be an extension of ourselves. You need to make sure you are not giving your prospective employer a reason to look you over. Here are four obvious mistakes you should avoid making on your resume.

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check-3183213_960_720 Spelling errors

It cannot be said enough that you need to proofread your resume. Send it to a friend to have a second pair of eyes. Some spelling errors are easy to miss such a writing preform when you mean perform. Other spelling errors are glaring and your recruiter or hiring manager will shake their heads at your resume. The rationale behind this is if you cannot spell on your resume, how can you be trusted to write important documents correctly.

at-sign-1083508_960_720 Outdated e-mail address

Long gone are the days of Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or even worse, Earthlink. Your future employer is judging your e-mail address. This is also a telling sign of age, typically older adults have e-mail address from yesteryear. It is not right, but this may be a reason your not moving past the recruiter screen.  Instead, update your e-mail address using gmail or another mail provider. The common format for emails are first name and last name or first initial and last name. You may want to retire your cutegirl4ever or soccerdad123 usernames.

store-1103556_960_720Generic or inappropriate document label

This is a subtle mistake, but it is common enough that it can hinder you. When updating our resume, because we own it, we tend to save it as My Resume or Resume #4. This does not help your recruiter or prospective employer when they are opening your resume from an e-mail or applicant tracking system. Saving your resume under a generic title makes it more likely for your resume to be misplaced. The recruiter is not going to take the step to change it for you. Before you hit send or submit, click save as and add your name to the file.

documents-1920461_960_720 Not tailoring your resume

It’s easier to only have one resume and send it to several jobs, but that is not the best practice. For each job you apply to, it is essential that your tweak your resume to match the job description. You are not going to have every skill or qualification, but you need to demonstrate why you are a great fit. You do not have to list every aspect of your position, pick and choose to showcase your relevant skills.

Take a look over your resume to ensure you are not committing these mistakes.

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