An applicant can go months without hearing from a prospective employer. Why? Because the job market is competitive and if your resume does not stand out and engage the recruiter, it will not receive a second look. The Interview Advocate was born from witnessing countless resumes and CVs meet their demise in the reject pile. Small mistakes such as spelling errors or unattractive formatting can minimize one’s chances at landing a desired position.

Professional resume writing services can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000+, an unaffordable option for many of today’s job seekers. At The Interview Advocate, our goal is to provide affordable career help with our clients at the center. This is your journey, we want to lift you up and see you win!

How we can help:

In-depth analysis of your strengths and experience

Customized resume and CV formatting

5-7 Day turnaround time

3 free revisions

Career planning articles and tips

Personal career cheerleader!